Staff of Thriving Life Church

These days, nothing is more important to businesses than the impression they give through their website, social media and printed documentation, therefore, photography and videography is a key element to promoting your business on these platforms. I have had the privilege to have supplied my services to multiple businesses, both large and small, and I am pleased to say that each and every company has been exceedingly happy with the results.

I mainly shoot on location, taking portraits of management and employees, and I also photograph the facilities and premises for web sites, social media and annual reports. Usually I would employ a 'reportage' style, photographing the day-to-day reality of a client's business, and, as I am based in Northern Ireland, I can easily travel to company operations in continental Europe or beyond if required.

I offer businesses both stills and video services, and as each business is unique, I will spend time with the company to ensure I fully understand what is needed, and from the meetings, I will produce a quotation, listing, in detail, what is required by the client, ensuring both parties fully understand the work that is about to be undertaken.

Below are examples of some of my clients.

Movilla High School Open Night