Life Events

When you have an occasion where you want a photograph taken, that is what I call a life event.

Special times, where you want more than a snap shot, is where I step in. Maternity, newborn babies, first birthdays, the now popular cake smashes, engagements, family get together’s, wedding anniversaries, to name a few. I will give you photographs that remind you of the moment and that you will be proud to have printed and displayed in your home.



I aim to create stylish, imaginative and sophisticated maternity portraits, nothing tacky, but careful lighting and posing to create beautiful portraits.

All maternity shoots are taken in my Newtownards studio and are as individual as you are.

We will have previously chatted either in person, by phone/text (usually both) about your preferred style in advance of your session so that everything is prearranged especially for you so you get the best images possible.


First Birthday

I love capturing the precious moments of early childhood before they're gone with focus on bringing out the personality of the little human.

Babies and children are fantastic, and it truly is wonderful to watch them grow, develop their individual personality and being able to capture these unique moments in time, and by the time they reach the big boy/girl age of one, they really are becoming their own little person, so it is fantastic to see them at this stage in their lives, with a birthday cake sitting in front of them, ‘all for them’. The laughter and giggles is priceless, and everyone leaves my studio with a smile on their face.



So, you’ve proposed to the love of your life, or you’ve been proposed by the love of your life, ‘I will’ was said.

Firstly, congratulations!!! This is an exciting new step in your life. Enjoy every minute, and one bit of advice… laugh lots with the one you marry!

Now that’s all said, you want to have a set of beautiful photographs to remember this time by.

I have photographed many couples and every time it has been a blast for them (and me!). You will enjoy your time with me and you will have beautiful photographs that you will be proud to have on your wall.

AND… If you book me for your wedding photographs, you get this photoshoot as complimentary!



Your dog is an integral part of your family life. It is unconditionally loyal, loving and faithful to the end, so why wouldn’t you want to have a photograph of them in your home.

Bring your dog (or other pet) to my studio for a mini session and let me capture the personality of your ‘man’s best friend’ for you to enjoy for years to come.